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The Clasico is handmade with a light Connecticut shade leaf wrapper, along with a well-aged recipe of long leaf ligero tobaccos from Nicaraguan regions of Ometepe and San Andres. Flavorful, mild to medium-bodied taste and pleasant aroma. Handmade in Nicaragua. Clasico cigars are light and smooth, you can choose them in a different types. We carry Clasico GORDO 6X60Clasico Robusto 5x50 Clasico SUPER GORDO 6X64Clasico TORO 6X50Clasico Torpedo 6X52Clasico SAMPLER (5 pieces) Robusto, Toro, Torpedo, Gordo, Super Gordo. We carry them in boxes as well. We have Clasico SUPER GORDO 6X60 BOX (20 pieces per box)Clasico Toro 6X50 BOX (20 pieces per box)Clasico Torpedo 6X52 BOX (20 pieces per box)Classico GORDO 6X60 BOX (20 pieces per box)Classico Robusto 5X50 BOX (20 pieces per box)

For small cigarillos lovers we have special Clasico Pequenos 4 1.5X50 (box of 6) and Clasico Pequenos 4X38 BOX (box of 14)

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