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The Liga Perfecta Rum from The Infusions Collection


The Liga Perfecta Rum, an Exclusive Nicaraguan Blend by The House of Lucky Cigar

is a richly infused smoke encased in a glass tube. The deep and complex taste comes from combination of long leaf Nicaraguan tobacco from San Andres and Esteli with a Honduran binder. The result is a toasty smoke with the generous taste and aroma of rich sweet rum with hints of coffee, earth, wood and spice. An exceptionally smooth yet robust cigar with full body flavor of La Flor de Cana.

It is available in boxes of 10, in the 4 sizes of Toro 6x50, Double Grande 7 1/2 x 52, Titan 6X60, Petite Delisioso 5x50 .

Wrapper: Esteli
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua
Body: Full

Our exclusive <strong>LIGA PERFECTA Rum Exclusive</strong> Nicaraguan Blend <br>presents a <strong>rum infused cigar</strong> in a well made 10 stick Exclusive box. <br>All the cigars are presented in glass tubes with a wooden cork to <br>keep the cigar fresh and the La Flor de Caña rum inside.<br><strong><br><a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-rum-exclusive-nicaraguan-blend/">LIGA PERFECTA Rum Exclusive Nicaraguan Blend Cigar</a></strong> comes with a dark <br><strong>maduro tobacco wrapped around Nicaraguan binder and filler. </strong><br>The flavor from the tube is a very pleasant rum, spice and hints of wood.<strong><br>The <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-rum-exclusive-nicaraguan-blend/">House of Lucky Cigar </a>presents LIGA PERFECTA Rum Exclusive Nicaraguan Blend <br>in a following variety:</strong>

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-double-grande-maduro-7-1-2x50-glass-tube-minimum-order-is-3-cigars/"> LIGA PERFECTA Double Grande Maduro 7 ½ X 52 glass tube SINGLE </a> 

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-double-grande-maduro-7-1-2x50-glass-tube-box/">10 Premium Cigars LIGA PERFECTA Maduro Double Grande 7 ½ X 52 glass tube BOX</a> 

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-double-grande-habano-7-1-2x50-glass-tube-minimum-order-is-3-cigars/"> LIGA PERFECTA Double Grande HABANO 7 ½ X 52 glass tube SINGLE </a> 

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-double-grande-habano-7-1-2x50-glass-tube-box/">10 Premium Cigars LIGA PERFECTA Double Grande HABANO 7 ½ X 52 glass tube BOX</a> 

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-toro-6x50-glass-tube-box/"> LIGA PERFECTA Habano Toro 6X50 glass tube SINGLE</a>

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-toro-6x50-glass-tube-box/">10 Premium Cigars LIGA PERFECTA Habano Toro 6X50 glass tube BOX</a>

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-maduro-toro-6x50/"> LIGA PERFECTA Toro MADURO 6X50 glass tube SINGLE</a>

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-maduro-toro-box/">10 Premium Cigars LIGA PERFECTA Toro MADURO 6X50 glass tube BOX</a>

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-petit-delisioso-5x50/"> LIGA PERFECTA Petit Delisioso 5x50 SINGLE</a>

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-petit-delisioso-box/"> LIGA PERFECTA Petit  Delisioso 5x50 BOX</a>

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-titan-6x50/"> LIGA PERFECTA TITAN 6x60 SINGLE</a>

  • <a href="http://luckycigar.com/liga-perfecta-titan-6x60-box/"> LIGA PERFECTA TITAN 6x60  BOX</a>


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