Clasico Collection Set 5 Piece


Clasico Collection Set 5 Piece

  • Our collection of Classico cigars are handmade premium cigars with a light Connecticut shade leaf wrapper. A well-aged and mature recipe of long leaf Ligero tobaccos from Nicaraguan Regions Of Ometepe And San Andres. 
  • Taste: The tobacco leaves offer a  flavorful, mild to medium-bodied taste and a pleasant aroma. Give a change to your taste palate with our cigars. The wrappers are from Nicaragua, binders from Ometepe, fillers from San Andres. 
  • Clasico Collection Set 5 Piece was created with careful thought for a relaxing smoking experience. You can easily distinguish the various flavors and aromas used in it. We have gone through individual rituals like cutting, lighting, and cuffing cigars. 
  • Nicaragua’s most popular tobacco-growing regions are Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa valleys. The tobacco plants in this region gain extensive sun exposure. These regions have distinct mineral content, giving a distinctive flavor to the cigar’s blend. The rich and fertile soil is ideal for filler-type tobacco infusing a flavorful aromatic taste. 
  • The Esteli valley of Nicaragua is famous for producing quality tobacco at large strength. The leaves get stronger in flavor for the appropriate climate. The soil is also appropriate for growing sun-grown wrappers. 

Our Clasico Collection Set 5 Piece Is Available In Boxes Of 20

  • Robusto 5x50
  • Toro 6x50
  • Torpedo 6x52
  • Gordo 6x60
  • Super Gordo 6x64
  • Small Set 4x38 In A Tin Of 14 Medium Set 4.5x50 8 In A Tin Of 6

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