Pequenos 4x38 Tin: Maduro Original Tin of 16 Cigars


Pequenos 4x38 Tin: Maduro Original Tin Of 16 Cigars

  • Maduro Original Tin Of 16 Cigars by The House of Lucky Cigar is a creamy smoke with a dense and rich Maduro taste. The premium aged wrapper of dark Maduro leaf oozing with cigar oils enhances the essence and provides ultimate relaxation. 
  • We blend and tame the bold long-leaf held within Nicaragua and Honduras to get the classic wrappers. You get to enjoy the deep, toasty smoke with a generous aroma and hints of coffee, earth, wood, and spice. 
  • The Maduro wrappers are a subset of Sun Grown but are made through the fermentation process in Maduros. The prolonged fermenting time matures the leaves and produces a thick, dark wrapper that has a natural sweetness and a full flavor.
  • Packaging: You can collect The Maduro Original in boxes of 20, in 8 sizes: Robusto 5x50, Toro 6x50, Torpedo 6x52, Rothchilde 4 1/2 x 50, Gordo 6x60, and Super Gordo 6x64. These are also available in the Pequenos size of 4x38 as a set of 14 in a tin.
  • Quality: We go round the world to make premium quality cigars. This box includes wrappers from Esteli, Binder from Honduras, fillers from Nicaragua. We sell full-bodied, top-rated, handmade Nicaraguan cigars. 


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Delivery and Payment: The House of Lucky Cigar takes pride in delivering distinctive and satisfying customers to each client. You can collect our flavorful cigars by following a few steps. Select the quantity and place your order online. The cigars will get delivered to your doorstep within the designated time. 

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