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Infused Cigars: Mellow Mellow Reserve

The Infusions Collection from The House of Lucky Cigar

Mellow Mellow Reserve

Mellow Mellow Reserve is a uniquely infused cigar, there is no true way to explain the intense taste and aromas that these cigar have until you experience them for yourself. Top quality tobacco combined with a variety of natural botanicals, herbs and essential oils makes these cigars an aromatic smoking experience. Available in The House of Lucky Cigar a box of 20 in size 5x54.

Available variety:

Single Mellow Mellow Reserve

Box of 20: Mellow Mellow Reserve 5x54

Cigar Sets: 4 Mellow Mellow Reserve Cigar Set

Cigar Sets: 5 Mellow Mellow Reserve Cigar Set 

Cigar Sets: 5 Natural and Mellow Cigar Set 

Cigar Sets: 5 Natural, Twister and Melow  









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