Cigar Lover Sampler 5 Cigars



  • The Cigar Lover 5 Piece Sampler features Liga Perfecta Double Grande, Clasico Super Gordo, Especial Habano Gigante, Maduro Original Gordo, and Twister Gordo.
  • The Liga Perfecta Rum is full of a toasty smoke with a generous taste. It has the aroma of rich sweet rum with hints of coffee, earth, wood as well as spice. This is an exceptionally smooth yet robust cigar that comes with full-body flavor. It is available in boxes of 10, in the 2 sizes of Toro 6x50 and Double Grande 7 1/2 x 52.
  • The Clasico is handmade with a light Connecticut shade leaf wrapper. It features a well-aged recipe of long leaf ligero tobaccos that come from the Nicaraguan regions of Ometepe and San Andres. It is Flavorful and has a mild to medium-bodied taste and a pleasant aroma.
  • The Especial Habano comes in a box press and this is a real treat for cigar lovers. The combination of long leaf Nicaraguan tobacco creates a deep, rich, complex taste. This is an exceptionally smooth yet robust cigar with a medium to full body. It is available in boxes of 20, in 4 sizes such as Robusto 5x50, Corona 5 1/2x48, Toro 6x52, and Gigante 7x70.
  • The Maduro Original is a hefty one indeed. It promotes deep, rich, Maduro flavors. The wrapper contains a dark Maduro leaf oozing with oils. And this leaf results in a deep, toasty smoke filled with a generous aroma and hints of coffee, earth, wood, and spice.
  • The Twister comes up with a completely different experience. You get two types of wrappers on one cigar that contributes to an interesting and complex experience. The filler is a mixture of Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos that comes from the regions of San Andres, Esteli, as well as from Honduras. It is available in boxes of 20, in 4 sizes such as Robusto 5x50, Churchill 7x48, Salomon 7x60, and Gordo 6x60.

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