Infused Cigars: Cafeina Ice Medium Roast 5.5x48 Single Cigar


Cafeina Ice Medium Roast Corona 5.5x48 Single Cigar
(Minimum order is 3 single cigars)

Cafeina Roast From The Infusions Collection by Lucky Cigar:
The Cafeina ICE Medium Roast by Lucky Cigar is handmade with a light Connecticut shade leaf wrapper. Inside is recipe of premium long leaf ligero tobaccos from various regions of Nicaragua. This infusion blends mild to medium strength tobacco with shot of coffee and a minty cream flavor. The result is an aromatic smoke with a creamy cappuccino taste.
The Cafeina ICE Medium Roast is available in boxes of 20, in 3 sizes:
Cafeina ICE Medium Roast Corona 5 ½ x 48 Box of 20
Cafeina ICE Medium Roast Toro 6x52 Box of 20
Cafeina ICE Medium Roast Magnum 5x58 Box of 20
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Indonesia
Filler: Nicaragua
Handmade in Nicaragua.