Pequenos 4x38 Tin: Sampler Set of 3 + Free Steel Flask




  • The set of Pequenos consists of The Classico, The Habano Esteli, and The Maduro Original. We collect premium-quality tobaccos to upgrade the mood and refresh the mind. 
  • The Clasico by The House of Lucky Cigar is a handmade premium cigar with the essence of a Connecticut shade leaf wrapper. Our well-aged and mature recipe of long leaf Ligero tobaccos from Nicaraguan regions of Ometepe and San Andres is popular. It’s flavorful with a mild to medium-bodied taste and has a pleasant aroma.
  • We use Ligero tobacco leaves for their supreme quality and paired wonderfully with a bountiful smoke output. The Ligero leaves contain the most oils that enhance the spicy flavor. Ligero leaves are often blended with Seco leaves, providing an ultimate marriage of flavor, aroma, and smoke output. 
  • The Habano Esteli by The House of Lucky Cigar is a medium-bodied filler. We collect it from the famous tobacco planting regions such as Jalapa, Esteli, and Condega. They are famous for growing Nicaragua’s complex mixture of long-leaf tobaccos. It’s available in boxes of 20, in 5 sizes such as Robusto 5x50, Toro 6x50, Torpedo 6x52, Gordo 6x60, and Super Gordo 6x64 at a reasonable rate. You can also collect it in the smaller size of 4x38 as a set of 14 in a tin, as well as a 4 1/2 x 50 as a set of 6 in a tin.
  • The Maduro Original by The House of Lucky Cigar promotes deep, intense Maduro flavors. The wrapper is made from dark Maduro leaves filled with aromatic oils. You can enjoy the toasty smoke with the hints of coffee, earth, wood, and spice. You can buy these boxes of 20 in 5 sizes. It includes Robusto 5x50, Toro 6x50, Torpedo 6x52, Gordo 6x60, and Super Gordo 6x64. 
  • Quality: The House Of Lucky Cigars produces top-rated, flavourful, and aromatic cigars by collecting superior recipes from around the world. We showcase our cigars in beautiful boxes as well. 
  • Delivery and payment: Our delivery and payment options are safe, fast, and reliable. Select and order the products of your choice by following a few easy steps online.