Sampler Sets: 7 Especial Habano Cigar Set of Cigars


Sampler Sets: 7 Especial Habano Cigar Set of Cigars ($40.00)

  • 7 Especial Habano Cigar Set of Cigars by the House of Lucky Cigar is a tremendously wanted addition. This set includes a total of seven products that are a true treat to cigar aficionados. Buy cigars online from our reputable cigar store to make your smoking experience more enjoyable. 
  • The Especial Habano by The House of Lucky Cigar is an exceptionally smooth and flavorful cigar. It is a robust box press premium cigar with a medium to full body. The deep, rich, complex taste comes from a combination of long leaf Nicaraguan tobacco from the regions of San Andres, Esteli, and the country of Honduras.
  • The favorable weather and fertile soil make the place a breeding ground for cultivating superior quality and flavorful tobaccos. Our manufacturers bring the long and aged leaf enriched with bountiful taste from those places. It is why we can bring the most flavor out of it to offer our clients the utmost pleasure. After purchasing a lucky cigar online, you will get the taste of ground ingredients from the cigar because of the handmade procedure.
  • You can find the Especial Habano in boxes of 20. The smokey and toasty taste comes from the ingredients that have made up the product. Our professionals bring the wrapper from Condega, blinder from Honduras, filler from Esteli. All these components make the product worthy. It is a medium to full body cigar and handmade in Nicaragua. Our experienced experts enhance the taste of the cigar. 

7 Especial Habano Cigar Set of Cigars Includes:

  • Robusto 5x50
  • Corona 5x48
  • Toro 6x52,
  • Torpedo 6x52
  • Perfecto 6x52
  • Gigante 7x70
  • Toro Grande 7 1/2 x 50

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