The Ultimate Twister Barber-pole set includes:


The Ultimate Twister Set ($129.00)

  • The ultimate twister set by The House of Lucky Cigar is an extremely enjoyable product we ever offer. We know the preferences of our clients. It is why we have released this set for the cigar aficionados to get the utmost joy out of this one product.
  • This set integrates several components including, five types of exclusive lucky cigars, lucky machine gun lighter torch 4flame, and a delta cutter. All those things have made this set so demanding and essential for true cigar lovers. It will be a true gift for cigar aficionados and admirers.
  • The cigars from this set offer something completely different. The usage of two types of wrappers on one cigar creates an interesting and complex experience with rich, flavorful, and dense smoke. The filler is a blend of Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos.
  • The addition of Nicaraguan leaves is the star ingredient of the product. Its taste gives a heavenly feeling. Our all products are 100% handmade and made organically. The efficient manufacturers have brought the leaves and other components of the cigar like a blender, filler, and wrapper from the regions of San Andres, Esteli, and Honduras.
  • The additional products of this set add more charm to this product. A shiny and stylish Lucky machine gun lighter is an essential conjugation. The delta cutter does not remain below in the list. You can have an efficient delta cutter when you buy cigars online.

The Set Includes:

  • Twister Robusto 5x54
  • Twister Solomon 7.5x60
  • Twister Gordo 6x60
  • Twister torpedo 6x52
  • Twister Robusto 5x50
  • Lucky machine gun lighter torch 4 flame
  • Delta cutter

Delivery and Payments: You can order the Ultimate Twister Set and buy cigars online to get a profitable deal. Buying a bulk of cigars will save your money. We promise you to offer fast shipping, reliable delivery and a safe payment method. Call us to get additional details.

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