Twister Travel On The Road set includes:


Twister Travel on the Road Set ($99.00)

  • Twister Travel on the Road Set by The House of Lucky Cigar is an impressive collection of products. It has already won the hearts of cigar lovers. The incorporation of quality and most-loved product in it has made the set desirable to every cigar aficionado.
  • You can buy two exclusive cigars by purchasing this set. Not only the cigars, but you can also get a specially made leather cigar case, stainless steel cutter, and lucky metal gun lighter torch 4 flames From the House of Lucky Cigar.
  • Twister Cigar offers something completely different - two types of wrappers on one cigar, ensuring an interesting and complex experience. The filler is a blend of Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos. Handmade in Nicaragua.
  • The leather cigar case is a beneficial product from the House of the Lucky Cigar. The shiny and classy touch of leather increases the aesthetic grace of the set. It is one of the best sets we offer our clients. With the leather case, you will have a sharp and quality stainless steel cutter to cut one end of the cigar and give you complex and dense smoke.
  • You will also get a silver-colored and sleek lucky metal gun lighter torch 4 flame. It will fulfill the emergency need of spark when you feel the urge for having the blast of taste through our handmade flavored cigars.

Twister Travel on the Road Set Includes:

  • Twister Gordo 6x60
  • Leather case for 3 cigars by the House of lucky cigar stainless steel cutter
  • lucky metal gun lighter torch 4 flame

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