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LuckyCigar presents a variety of stylish and durable cigar ashtrays in ceramic and stainless steel. Find the perfect ashtray to enhance your experience, with designs for every preference and ashtrays that accommodate all cigar sizes. Our ashtrays are built to last, featuring sturdy construction and deep grooves to accommodate cigars of all sizes.

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      Cigar ashtrays come in a variety of materials, including ceramic, glass, crystal, metal, and even wood. Each material offers unique benefits, such as easy cleaning (glass), classic beauty (ceramic), or durability (metal).

      The ideal size ashtray depends on the size cigars you typically smoke. Larger ashtrays are better suited for thicker cigars and offer more space for ash.

      Consider features like weight (heavier ashtrays are less likely to tip over), grooves to hold cigars securely, and a removable insert for easy cleaning.

      The cleaning method depends on the material of your ashtray. Generally, warm water and mild dish soap will suffice for most ashtrays. Refer to the care instructions for specific materials like wood or crystal.