Lucky Cigar's Cafeina Ice Dark Roast: Bold Coffee-Infused Cigars

Cafeina Ice Dark Roast Cigars are a perfect choice for experienced smokers seeking a departure from the ordinary. The dark roast tobacco provides a deep and robust foundation, while the infusion of cool mint and creamy chocolate adds a touch of unexpected delight. This creates a surprisingly refreshing smoke with layers of flavor that tantalize the taste buds.



      Yes, these cigars are considered full-bodied in terms of strength due to the dark roast tobacco. However, the cooling mint provides a counterpoint to the intensity, making it a smoother and more approachable experience compared to a traditional dark roast cigar.

      These cigars are ideal for experienced smokers who enjoy a full-bodied smoke with a unique twist. They can also be a good option for those who find traditional dark roast cigars a bit too strong, as the mint offers a refreshing element that balances the intensity.

      For a truly decadent experience, pair your Cafeina Ice with a rich, dark chocolate beverage or a cup of iced coffee. You can also enjoy them on their own for a complex smoke.

      Both options feature a dark roast tobacco base, but the Ice version adds a refreshing twist. Cafeina Dark Roast offers a more traditional, full-bodied experience with strong coffee notes, while Cafeina Ice Dark Roast incorporates a cooling mint and creamy chocolate infusion for a more complex and invigorating smoke.