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La colección Flavors de Lucky Cigar:

La colección Flavors de Lucky Cigar se compone de rellenos dominicanos cultivados a partir de semillas cubanas y envueltos en una envoltura indonesia. Los tentadores sabores hacen de este humo aromatizado un agradable cambio de ritmo. El sabor es suave, aromatizado y suave con un aroma agradable. Disponible en cajas de 24 puros de tamaño 5x42, en 24 sabores.
Envoltorio: Indonesia
Carpeta: Dominicana
Relleno: dominicano
Cuerpo: Suave a medio
Hecho a mano en República Dominicana.

La colección Flavors de The House of Lucky Cigar:
Cereza 5x42



      Our premium flavored cigars showcase the finest in craftsmanship. Made with high-quality tobacco, they're infused with flavors like aromatic Vanilla or exotic Pina Colada. This fusion creates an enhanced smoking experience. These cigars offer distinct taste profiles that stand out from traditional cigars. They’re not just about smoke, they awaken all of your senses. Each inhale comes with a new flavor dimension, reflecting the meticulous detailing that goes into each cigar. With every puff, our flavored cigars deliver a unique, exciting experience.

      When selecting the best flavored cigars, the quality and origin of the tobacco are paramount. The tobacco's robust foundation must be worthy of flavor infusion. Another vital aspect is the intensity and balance of the flavor. The flavoring should not overwhelm the tobacco’s fundamental characteristics. 

      The finest flavored cigars offer a harmonious blend, delivering a symphony of taste and aroma. So, choose a cigar that strikes the right balance, where flavor enhances the tobacco's richness, not masks.

      Flavored cigars generally do not contain sugar or significant calories. The flavors infused come from natural extracts and not by adding unnecessary sugars. Manufacturers use specialized processes to enhance the taste without compromising the cigar’s calorie content. 

      Despite their indulgent flavors, these cigars will not affect your calorie count like some other tobacco products might. Therefore, you can relax and enjoy flavorful cigars, reassured by their minimal caloric impact.


      There's a misconception that flavored cigars last less time than traditional ones. When stored correctly, flavored cigars can be enjoyed for a similar length of time. 

      Their freshness and quality aren't significantly affected by the flavor infusion process. Proper storage is key to longevity, particularly maintaining the right humidity levels. 

      Keep your flavored cigars in a humidor to manage moisture levels and protect against dryness. With these simple tips, you can ensure your flavored cigars remain fresh and flavorful for your enjoyment.

      In the USA, the regulatory landscape for flavored cigars is evolving. Federal and state authorities have imposed restrictions and bans for public health reasons. 

      Recent legislative developments have mainly focused on certain recognized flavors and additives linked to an increase in tobacco use among young people. While some varieties of flavored cigars may face scrutiny or prohibition, others remain legal under current laws. 

      Manufacturers, retailers, and consumers must stay updated on any changes to these regulations. Currently, the sale and consumption of many flavored cigars are legally permissible across the USA.