Cigarros Barber Pole: El Twister de Lucky Cigar

Cigarros Barber Pole: El Twister de Lucky Cigar ofrece algo completamente diferente; Dos tipos de envolturas en un cigarro para crear una experiencia de fumar interesante y compleja. La tripa es una mezcla de tabacos premium de hoja larga nicaragüenses de las regiones de San Andrés, Estelí y el país de Honduras.

El Twister está disponible en cajas de 20, en 6 tamaños:
Churchill 7x48 Caja de 20
Salomon 7x60 Caja de 20
Robusto 5x50 Caja de 20
Gordo 6x60 Caja de 20
Torpedo 6x52 Caja de 20
Doble Robusto 5x54 Caja de 20

Envoltura: Nicaragua
Carpeta: San Andrés
Relleno: Honduras
Cuerpo: Medio
Hecho a mano en Nicaragua.



      Barber pole cigars are cigars crafted with two or more different colored wrappers that are rolled together in a spiral pattern. This creates a visually stunning effect, resembling the iconic barber shop sign.

      The unique blend of wrappers in a barber pole cigar can result in a complex and layered smoking experience. The different wrappers often contribute distinct flavors and aromas, offering a more nuanced and interesting smoke compared to a single-wrapper cigar.

      Not necessarily. The strength of a cigar primarily depends on the type of tobacco used in the filler, not the wrapper. Barber pole cigars can come in various strengths, from mild to full-bodied.

      Barber pole cigars can be a great option for both new and experienced cigar smokers. Their eye-catching appearance adds a touch of excitement, while the flavor profile can be complex or mild depending on the specific blend.