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Shop our Robusto cigars collection at LuckyCigar, where we celebrate the timeless appeal of this classic cigar size. Known for its rich flavor and ideal size, Robusto cigars offer a perfect balance between smoking time and taste. Each cigar is carefully crafted with premium tobacco, providing a medium-bodied smoke that's both satisfying and complex. Our Robusto cigars are perfect for any occasion, whether you're relaxing after a long day or enjoying a special moment.

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      A robusto cigar is a popular size and shape of cigar that typically measures around 5 to 5.5 inches in length with a ring gauge of 50. It is known for its balanced flavor profile and medium to full-bodied strength, making it a favorite choice among cigar enthusiasts.

      The best pairing options for a robusto cigar include a glass of whiskey, bourbon, or rum. These spirits complement the medium to full-bodied strength and balanced flavor profile of a robusto cigar, enhancing the overall smoking experience.

      Robusto cigars are popular among cigar enthusiasts due to their convenient size and shape, which offers a satisfying smoking experience without being too long or too short. Additionally, the balanced flavor profile and medium to full-bodied strength of robusto cigars appeal to a wide range of cigar smokers.

      On average, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to smoke a robusto cigar, depending on how fast you smoke and how tightly the cigar is packed. The size and ring gauge of a robusto cigar are designed to provide a flavorful smoking experience within a reasonable amount of time.