LuckyCigar Cafeina Ice Medium Roast: Premium Collection of Ground Coffee

For those looking to explore beyond traditional cigars, Cafeina Ice Medium Roast Cigars present an ideal choice. The foundation of smooth, balanced medium roast tobacco, combined with the lively infusion of mint and cappuccino, delivers a smoke that's not only refreshing but also deeply satisfying, offering a unique and delightful surprise with every puff.

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      The "ice" in Cafeina Ice Medium Roast refers to the minty infusion that provides a refreshing and cooling sensation during the smoke.

      Not exactly. While they offer a cooling sensation similar to menthol cigarettes, the mint in Cafeina Ice cigars is more subtle and complements the coffee and tobacco flavors instead of overpowering them.

      These cigars are ideal for experienced smokers seeking a unique and refreshing cigar experience. They can also be a good option for new cigar smokers who find traditional cigars too strong, as the mint offers a familiar and approachable element

      For a truly invigorating experience, pair your Cafeina Ice with a chilled beverage like iced coffee or iced tea. You can also enjoy them on their own for a cool and flavorful smoke that will tantalize your taste buds.