Our Range of Full Body Cigars: From Habano to Maduro

Start your journey into our range of exclusive full-bodied cigars. Made from the finest quality tobacco, their robust flavor and strong character are hard to resist. Experience their complexity every time you smoke.

Take advantage of limited-time discounts and exclusive packages tailored for true cigar aficionados. Uncover the distinct characteristics of our top-selling Habano and Maduro wrappers. 

The King Solomon Series by Lucky Cigar is a handmade cigar with a Sun Grown wrapper and a premium blend of tobacco from Nicaragua and Ecuador. It offers a slow-burning with a rich taste a.

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      Full-bodied cigars elevate the smoking experience to an entirely new level. While the milder options are low-key and easy, full-bodied variants deliver an explosion of robust, intense flavors that linger on your palate. Even the strength is substantially amped up with these selections, promising an indulgence quite unlike the lighter smokes.

      Every draw introduces you to a new layer of complexity, making the smoking experience thrilling and immersive. From the rich Habano to the dark Maduro, each cigar in our range exudes quality, character, and a distinctly satisfying experience. Dive headfirst into the world of full-bodied cigars and embrace the richness. 

      Experience the remarkable variety of the Lucky Cigar Natural Leaf Collection. From the smooth and classic Classico to the bold and robust Habano Esteli, each full body cigar in this collection showcases the finest wrapper, binder, and filler tobacco leaves. Whether you prefer the richness of the Especial Maduro or the complexity of the Twister, Lucky Cigar offers a range of flavors and strengths to satisfy every cigar enthusiast. Elevate your smoking experience with the distinctive blends of the Natural Leaf Collection and enjoy the craftsmanship that Lucky Cigar is renowned for.

      The aging process greatly contributes to the unique character of strong cigars. Unlike other types, strong cigars undergo a lengthy aging period, typically several years, in perfect conditions. This prolonged aging helps in further developing their flavors and intensity.

      A specialized fermentation technique enhances the cigar's complexity, giving it its well-rounded and full-bodied profile. Premium tobaccos are carefully selected, adding to the robustness of the cigar. This process results in a smoking experience that is satisfyingly rich, complex, and powerful - a dream for every cigar enthusiast.

      Experience the magic behind a well-aged cigar. 


      Storing your cigars in high-quality humidors or airtight travel cases is vital for preserving their flavor and potency. These cases provide optimal humidity levels, ensuring consistent conditions for your cigars. A secure seal prevents moisture loss or fluctuation. Choosing a case with a reliable hygrometer and an effective humidification system is important.

      These features control humidity levels, protect your strong cigars from drying out, and maintain their top smoking condition. Check our collection of top-grade leather cases, travel cases, and travel humidors for optimal storage solutions.

      Choosing the suitable cutter for your full-bodied cigar can make a huge difference. Guillotine Cutters are practical options for clean, efficient cuts in various sizes. The V Cutters create a unique wedge-shaped notch, enhancing airflow and enriching flavors for thicker cigars. 

      The Big Ring Cigar Cutters are the ideal choice for larger, full-bodied cigars. They offer a smooth, even cut to preserve the overall smoking experience. Based on your preferences, each cutter type offers unique advantages to compliment every puff. Find the perfect Guillotine, V, and Big Ring Cigar Cutters to fit your cigar's needs.