Explore Our V-Cut Cigar Cutters for a Perfect Draw

Enjoy a new level of cigar with LuckyCigar’s selection of V-cut cigar cutters. These cutters create a unique V-shaped cut in the cap of your cigar, offering a deeper and more concentrated draw. Engineered for precision and ease of use, our V-cutters ensure a clean cut every time, enhancing the flavor and smoking experience. The compact and stylish design makes them an essential tool for any cigar aficionado.


A V-cut cigar cutter is a specialized tool designed to make a V-shaped incision in the cap of a cigar. This type of cut allows for a deeper draw without cutting off the entire cap, concentrating the smoke and enhancing the flavors. V-cutters are appreciated for their ability to provide a unique smoking experience with minimal risk of unraveling the cigar.

Choosing a V-cut offers a balance between surface area and concentration, providing a focused draw that enhances the cigar's flavor profile. It's ideal for smokers who prefer a tighter draw or want to experience their cigars in a new way. Additionally, the V-cut is less likely to cause damage to the cigar's structure compared to deeper straight cuts.

To use a V-cut cigar cutter, simply place the cigar's cap in the cutter's opening, ensuring it's positioned for the depth of cut you prefer. Press the cutter's blades together in a quick, firm motion to make the V-shaped incision. The precision of the V-cut allows for an excellent draw without compromising the cigar's integrity.

V-cutters are versatile and can be used on most sizes and shapes of cigars, though they are particularly well-suited for cigars with larger ring gauges. The depth and shape of the cut can accentuate the smoking experience of robust and larger cigars, providing a richer draw.