Cigar Lifestyle Accessories: Lucky whiskey Glass, stainless Cutter + 3 Cigars


Cigar Lifestyle Accessories: Lucky whiskey Glass, stainless Cutter + 3 Cigars

  • The cust ash kit by The House of Lucky Cigar is an extremely efficient cigar lifestyle accessory. The clutter is an essential part of smoking. Its sharp teeth are perfect to cut one end of the cigar so that it perfectly smokes. It is made of stainless steel. The existence of this material in the product makes it more durable and accessible.   
  • This kit also includes a stunning and stylish Lucky whiskey glass with built-in 50 ring gauge cigar rest. It is one of the desirable features a true cigar aficionado wishes. The quality material and rare structure with an appealing look make the glass more demanding. 

3 Cigars from The House of Lucky Cigar Collection

  • Especial Habano Gigante 7x70
  • Clasico Toro 6x50
  • Habano Esteli Torpedo 6x52

Especial Habano Gigante 7x70

  • Especial Habano Gigante is an extremely smooth yet robust cigar that comes with a medium to full body. Its deep, rich, complex taste makes people more attracted to it. This cigar is made from a combination of long leaf Nicaraguan tobacco. Our professionals collect these leaves from the regions of San Andres, Esteli, and the country of Honduras.
  • Classico Toro by The House of Lucky cigar is a highly demanded product wrapped with a light Connecticut shade leaf wrapper.
  • Habano Esteli Torpedo is a complex mixture of long-leaf tobaccos that comes in a medium body. Our professionals bring them from Nicaragua's world-famous growing regions such as Jalapa. We made this with the help of professional manufacturers who can bring the ultimate taste to every smoke.
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