Discover LuckyCigar's Cafeina Medium Roast Collection

Experience the distinct pleasure of flavorful smoke with Cafeina Medium Roast Cigars from LuckyCigar. These cigars are infused with a captivating coffee essence, offering a delightful twist on the cla.



      Just like coffee beans, tobacco leaves can be roasted to varying degrees. In cigars, a medium roast refers to tobacco leaves that have been roasted to a moderate level, resulting in a balanced flavor profile that's neither too strong nor too mild.

      These cigars are considered medium-bodied in terms of strength. This means they offer a satisfying smoking experience without being overpowering, making them a great choice for a variety of smokers.

      Yes, but with a subtle twist! The coffee essence adds a hint of coffee aroma and flavor that complements the natural tobacco taste. It's not an overwhelming coffee flavor, but rather a delightful accent that enhances the smoking experience.

      Absolutely! The medium roast and strength make these cigars a great option for those new to the world of cigars. The coffee infusion adds a pleasant touch of familiarity, while the smooth tobacco base offers a classic cigar experience.