Salomon Cigars: Elevate Your Smoke In Every Puff

Introducing our Salomon cigars collection. Salomon cigars are celebrated for their distinctive shape, starting with a tapered head that elegantly expands into a bulbous body, then narrows again at the foot. This unique form enhances the smoking experience. The careful construction of each Salomon cigar ensures a smooth, gradual burn that allows the rich and complex flavors of the tobacco to develop beautifully.



      Salomon cigars are known for their unique shape and size, featuring a tapered head and foot with a wider center. This shape allows for a complex and evolving experience as you smoke, providing a truly distinctive smoking experience.

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      Salomon cigars are typically hand-rolled, which contributes to their high quality and craftsmanship. Hand-rolling allows for greater attention to detail and ensures a premium smoking experience.

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