Shop the finest King Solomon cigars at LuckyCigar - Perfect for a rich smoke experience.

King Solomon Cigars by LuckyCigar provide a luxurious smoking experience, drawing inspiration from the legendary king renowned for his wisdom and exquisite taste. . designed for the seasoned aficionado in search of an exceptional smoke that transcends the ordinary. At LuckyCigar we offer premium high quality cigars that will make you feel satisfied with every puff.

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      King Solomon Cigars are designed for a luxurious smoking experience. They are handcrafted using premium, long-leaf tobaccos carefully selected for their quality and flavor profile. The meticulous construction ensures a consistent, slow burn and a rich, satisfying smoke.

      The specific flavor profile of King Solomon Cigars depends on the blend. LuckyCigar offers a variety within the King Solomon line, ranging from mild and mellow to full-bodied and complex.

      King Solomon Cigars come in a traditional "Solomon" size, typically measuring around 7 inches long with a ring gauge (diameter) of 60. This size offers a generous smoking experience, ideal for savoring the complex flavors.

      The strength of King Solomon Cigars varies depending on the specific blend. LuckyCigar offers options from mild to full-bodied to cater to different preferences.