Discover LuckyCigar's Collection of Barber Pole Cigars

Experience a unique and visually striking smoke with our collection of barber pole cigars at LuckyCigar. These cigars feature two or more different colored wrappers expertly intertwined, creating a mesmerizing spiral pattern reminiscent of a barber's pole. Barber pole cigars not only boast captivating aesthetics but also offer a complex smoking experience.



      Barber pole cigars are cigars crafted with two or more different colored wrappers that are rolled together in a spiral pattern. This creates a visually stunning effect, resembling the iconic barber shop sign.

      The unique blend of wrappers in a barber pole cigar can result in a complex and layered smoking experience. The different wrappers often contribute distinct flavors and aromas, offering a more nuanced and interesting smoke compared to a single-wrapper cigar.

      Not necessarily. The strength of a cigar primarily depends on the type of tobacco used in the filler, not the wrapper. Barber pole cigars can come in various strengths, from mild to full-bodied.

      Barber pole cigars can be a great option for both new and experienced cigar smokers. Their eye-catching appearance adds a touch of excitement, while the flavor profile can be complex or mild depending on the specific blend.