Creme Brulee Cigars Collection – High Quality From LuckyCigar

Try our Creme Brulee Cigar at LuckyCigar. This cigar mixes sweet, creamy tastes with tobacco. It's like the dessert, creme brulee, but for smoking. Each smoke is smooth and has a sweet hint, good for those who like a little sugar in their cigar. This cigar is made for relaxing times or to enjoy with friends. With LuckyCigar, you get a special smoking time that adds a bit of sweet to the classic tobacco taste.



      It's a cigar with the sweet taste of creme brulee mixed with tobacco. It gives a unique and sweet smoking experience.

      The flavor profile depends on the specific cigar. Generally, expect a mild to medium bodied smoke with creamy undertones. Some varieties may have hints of vanilla, caramel, or even a touch of sugar to mimic the dessert's signature crust.

      Creme brulee cigars are not overly sweet. They may have a subtle sweetness reminiscent of the dessert, but the primary focus is on the tobacco flavor with creamy characteristics.

      Yes, it is considered a good option for beginners due to the mild to medium body and smooth smoke. However, if you're completely new to cigars, it might be best to start with an unflavored variety to get accustomed to the taste of tobacco.