Introducing LuckyCigar's Cafeina Dark Roast - Rich, Bold Coffee Flavor

Designed for the aficionado who desires a smoke that's both full-bodied and intricately layered, Cafeina Dark Roast Cigars deliver on all fronts. The foundation of dark roast tobacco provides a deep, strong base, enhanced by the addition of coffee for an added dimension of richness and boldness. Ideal for those who favor pronounced flavors, these cigars promise an indulgent and memorable smoking experience.



      Yes, these cigars are considered full-bodied in terms of strength. The dark roast tobacco and coffee infusion combine to create a robust and powerful smoke, making them a better choice for experienced cigar smokers who enjoy a stronger experience.

      Not entirely. The coffee essence adds a significant layer of flavor, but it complements the natural tobacco taste rather than replicating it perfectly. You'll experience the rich, bold notes of dark roast coffee alongside the earthy and complex flavors of the tobacco.

      These cigars might be a bit strong for someone completely new to the world of cigars. For beginners, we recommend starting with a milder option like Cafeina Medium Roast to ease into the experience.

      Lucky Cigar offers products that are known for their exceptional quality and rich flavors. Our selection includes unique blends crafted from the finest tobaccos, ensuring a superior smoking experience. Choose Lucky Cigar for unmatched craftsmanship and a luxury smoking journey.