Sex on the Beach Cigars - Paradise For Every Smoker

Enjoy Sex on the Beach cigars, made with good tobaccos and flavors like the drink - peach, cranberry, and a bit of rum. They're smooth and taste great, perfect for chilling out or hanging out with friends. These cigars are light and fun, great for easy-going smoking times. Explore our wide collection from Cigars that are crafted only for you.



      They capture the essence of the drink, but with a subtle twist. The sweetness of peach and cranberry is prominent, with a hint of rum for added complexity. The overall smoking experience is smooth and enjoyable.

      No, Sex on the Beach cigars are generally considered mild-bodied. The focus is on the enjoyable flavor profile, making them a great option for new cigar smokers or those who prefer a lighter smoke.

      Lighter cocktails, fruit juices, or even sparkling water can complement the sweetness of these cigars. For a truly tropical experience, consider pairing them with a classic Sex on the Beach cocktail!

      Absolutely! The mild strength and sweet flavor profile make them a great introduction to the world of cigars. They are also a fun and approachable option for more experienced smokers looking for a unique and refreshing smoke.