Coffee Infused Cigars: Bold & Aromatic For Smokers

For those who appreciate the rich taste of coffee and the relaxing experience of a cigar, Lucky Cigar offers a curated selection of coffee infused cigars to satisfy your cravings:
-Strength: Choose from mild to medium-bodied options, depending on your preference.
-Size: We offer various sizes to suit your smoking time, from quick smokes to longer, relaxing experiences.
-Brand: Explore different brands known for their unique coffee infusion techniques and flavor profiles.

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      No, coffee infused cigars do not contain enough caffeine to have any noticeable effect. The infusion process focuses on capturing the flavor and aroma of coffee, not its stimulating properties.

      Absolutely not! Coffee infused cigars offer a much smoother and more complex flavor profile compared to cigarettes. They lack the harshness often associated with cigarettes.

      We recommend browsing our selection and considering factors like size, strength, and brand. You can also try a sampler pack featuring a variety of coffee infused cigars to discover your ideal blend.

      Coffee infused cigars can be a unique and delightful gift for coffee lovers who also enjoy cigars. They offer a new way to experience the rich flavors of coffee.