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Enjoy a smooth smoking experience on the go with LuckyCigar's premium car ashtrays. Crafted with convenience and style in mind, our ashtrays keep your car clean and smelling fresh while providing a designated spot for your cigar ashes. Made from high-quality materials, LuckyCigar ashtrays are built to last and easy to maintain. Choose from a variety of designs to complement your car's interior.

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      A car cigar ashtray is a special ashtray designed for use in your car. It's bigger and deeper than a regular ashtray to hold the larger ashes from cigars. Some car cigar ashtrays even have a lid to keep the ash and smoke contained.

      Using a regular ashtray for your cigar in the car can be messy. The ashes can fly around and the smoke can linger. A car cigar ashtray keeps everything contained, making your car rides more enjoyable for you and your passengers.

      Using a car cigar ashtray is simple! Just place the ashtray in a convenient location in your car, like the cup holder. As you smoke your cigar, tap the ash into the ashtray. When the ashtray is full, empty it into a trash can and wipe it clean.

      Size: Make sure the ashtray is big enough to hold the ashes from your cigars. Lid: A lid helps prevent ashes and smoke from escaping. Material: Look for a ashtray made from a durable and easy-to-clean material like metal or ceramic. Cup holder fit: If you want the ashtray to fit in your cup holder, choose one with the right size and shape.