Premium Churchill Cigars Collection from LuckyCigar

Introducing our Churchill cigars collection at LuckyCigar, designed for those who appreciate a longer smoking experience with rich, intricate flavors. Named after the famous British leader who favored this size, Churchill cigars are renowned for their grand length and refined taste. Each cigar is expertly rolled with select tobacco, ensuring a smooth and consistent burn that complements its medium to full-bodied profile.

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      Churchill cigars are known for their larger size, typically around 7 inches in length with a ring gauge of 47-50, providing a longer smoking experience and more complex flavor profile. Their shape allows for a cooler and smoother smoke, making them a favorite among cigar enthusiasts looking for a refined and sophisticated smoking experience.

      Churchill cigars are named after Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister known for his love of cigars. He was often seen smoking a cigar, particularly the larger size cigars that have come to be known as ""Churchills"". The name has since become synonymous with this particular size and style of cigars in his honor.