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Enhance your cigar experience with a touch of elegance. LuckyCigar offers a curated collection of vintage cigar ashtrays, meticulously chosen for their quality and character. Each ashtray tells a story, reflecting the style and craftsmanship of a bygone era. Whether you're a seasoned cigar aficionado or simply appreciate beautiful objects, our ashtrays elevate your smoking.

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      Vintage cigar ashtrays are ashtrays made in an earlier time period, often featuring unique designs and materials not commonly found today. They can range from classic and simple to highly decorative and artistic.

      The best way to care for your vintage ashtray depends on the material. Generally, gentle cleaning with warm water and a mild soap should suffice. For more delicate materials or heavily soiled ashtrays, consult a professional cleaning service.

      Vintage ashtrays offer several advantages. They are often more durable and well-made than modern counterparts. Their unique designs can add a touch of personality and conversation starter to your smoking area. Additionally, some vintage ashtrays can be valuable collectibles.

      Common materials for vintage ashtrays include ceramic, glass, crystal, metal (like brass or cast iron), and even wood. The specific material will vary depending on the age and style of the ashtray.