Barber Pole Cigars: Twister Gordo 6x60 Single Cigar




  • Twister Cigar offers something completely different - two types of wrappers on one cigar, ensuring an interesting and complex experience. The filler is a blend of Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos. Handmade in Nicaragua.
  • Nicaragua has some of the most fertile soil for tobacco, so manufacturers are beginning to increasingly produce cigars. The soils of Nicaragua are good for filler-type tobacco. The soil there is very dense making it appropriate for growing the extra strength Ligero filler and sun-grown wrappers. 
  • The size ‘Churchill’ is named after the legendary cigar aficionado Sir Winston, but the timing of its origin is arguable. The story has it after a visit by Sir Winston himself to the ‘Romeo Y Julieta’ factory. Then the Churchill size Cigar got famous. This was in the late 1940s where Sir Winston was an avid smoker of cigars and of Romeos in particular. So, our Twister Churchill cigars are famous worldwide. 
  • Buy our Twister Churchill cigar online, buy Twister Churchill cigars in bulk for very attractive prices. All Twister Churchill cigars are freshly made in Nicaragua. All Twister Churchill cigars are produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming.

We carry Twister Cigars in a following variety:


  • Twister Salomon 7x60
  • Twister TORPEDO 6x52
  • Twister Churchill 7x48
  • Twister Robusto 5x50
  • Twister Gordo 6x60

Twister BOXES

  • Twister Salomon 7x60 BOX
  • Twister Churchill 7x48 BOX
  • Twister Robusto 5x50 BOX
  • Twister Gordo 6x60 BOX
  • Twister Torpedo 6X52 BOX

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