Barber Pole Cigars: Twister Salomon 7x60 Box of 20


Barber Pole Cigars: Twister Salomon 7x60 Box Of 20


  • The manufacturers bring these taste-enriched leaves from Nicaragua’s world-famous growing regions like Jalapa, Esteli, and Condega. The condition and soil of this area are favorable for growing long leaves of Nicaraguan tobacco. The highly increasing cultivation of tobaccos in these areas makes the places attractive to tobacco companies.
  • Barber Pole Cigars: The Twister by The House of Lucky Cigar offers something completely different; two types of wrappers on one cigar create an interesting and complex experience. 
  • The wrappers are from Nicaragua, binders from San Andreas, Fillers from Honduras, and more. A distinctive toasty and nutty flavor is complemented by a hint of spice to offer a pleasurable and thoroughly satisfying smoke. 
  • The filler is a blend of Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos from the regions of San Andres, Esteli, as well as leaves from Honduras. It is available in boxes of 20, in 6 sizes such as Robusto 5x50, Churchill 7x48, Salomon 7x60, Gordo 6x60, Torpedo 6x52, and Double Robusto 5x54.


  • Twister Salomon 7x60
  • Twister TORPEDO 6x52
  • Twister Churchill 7x48
  • Twister Robusto 5x50
  • Twister Gordo 6x60

Twister BOXES

  • Twister Salomon 7x60 BOX
  • Twister Churchill 7x48 BOX
  • Twister Robusto 5x50 BOX
  • Twister Gordo 6x60 BOX
  • Twister Torpedo 6X52 BOX

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