The Lucky Luxury Set:


The Lucky Luxury Set:
4-Especial Habano Toro 6x52
2-Especial Habano Torpedo 6x52
1-Lucky Infinity Torch Lighter 4 Flame
  • Throughout the years Habano Cigars: Especial Habano Torpedo 6x52 Box Of 20 has become more popular than ever. Our premium handmade cigars, each of these flavored and infused cigar options feature a mix of premium tobaccos imbued with an assortment of delicious flavorings.
  • The House Of Lucky Cigars goes beyond the walls to collect quality materials with the most exotic flavor infused brand on the market, was made famous for using herbs, rare botanicals, and exotic spices to create mouthwatering flavors and aromas that are truly incomparable.
  • The satisfaction of a good smoke with the room filling aroma and luxurious taste imparted by the essence of OUR classic cigar spirits. (Please order a minimum of 3 single cigars of any type for free shipping).
  • The Especial Habano by The House of Lucky Cigar is an exceptionally smooth yet robust box press premium cigar with a medium to full body. The deep, rich, complex taste comes from a combination of long leaf Nicaraguan tobacco from the regions of San Andres, Esteli, and the country of Honduras.
  • The Especial Habano is available in boxes of 20, in 7 sizes: Robusto 5x50, Corona 5x48, Toro 6x52, Torpedo 6x52, Perfecto 6x52, Gigante 7x70, and Toro Grande 7 1/2 x 50.

Especial Habano single cigars:

  • Especial HABANO Corona 5X48,
  • Especial Habano Torpedo
  • Especial HABANO Gigante 7X70
  • Especial HABANO Robusto 5X50
  • Especial HABANO Toro 6X52
  • Especial HABANO Samplers (Robusto, Corona, Toro, Gigante, Torpedo).

Especial Habano in boxes:

  • Especial HABANO Corona 5X48 BOX (20 pieces per box)
  • Especial Habano Torpedo 6X52 BOX (20 pieces per box)
  • Especial HABANO Gigante 7X70 BOX (20 pieces per box)
  • Especial HABANO Robusto 5X50 BOX (20 pieces per box)
  • Especial HABANO Toro 6X52 BOX (20 pieces per box)

Choose from our huge lineup of cigars here at The House Of Lucky Cigars and find the ones that fit your taste profile, style, and budget.

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