Single Torch Lighters for Smokers For a Great Experience

Explore our single torch cigar lighters, designed for ease and great performance. LuckyCigar's single torch lighters give you a precise, easy light every time, making them ideal for anyone who enjoys cigars. They're light, strong, and sleek, perfect for everyday use. With our lighters, lighting your cigar perfectly becomes easy. Shop now our best collection.



      A single torch lighter is a simple, reliable way to enjoy your cigar. With refillable lighters, you can keep a memento of every cigar you've ever smoked for decades to come.

      The best lighter for cigars combines reliability, precision, and ease of use. Single torch lighters, known for their pinpoint flame, are often preferred for their ability to provide an even light with minimal risk of overheating or damaging the cigar wrapper.

      Yes, single torch lighters are excellent for lighting cigars. They provide a precise, concentrated flame allowing for accurate control over the lighting process, leading to an even burn of the cigar. Ideal for both beginners and experts, single torch lighters are a staple in any cigar aficionado’s toolkit.

      To use a single torch lighter, hold your cigar at a 45-degree angle near the flame, without letting them touch. Rotate the cigar slowly, toasting the foot evenly until it’s glowing red. Then, take gentle puffs while still rotating, ensuring the cigar is lit evenly for a perfect smoking experience.